For Nancy Jackson, Volunteering at the Chubb Classic has Become a Love Story Over the Past 36 Years

For Nancy Jackson, Volunteering at the Chubb Classic has Become a Love Story Over the Past 36 Years

By Carson Racich


NAPLES, Fla. — Beginning with the Club at Pelican Bay in 1988 and fast forwarding to Tiburón Golf Club in 2023, Nancy Jackson has not missed an opportunity to volunteer and partake in the behind-the-scenes efforts in running a successful golf tournament.


Surrounded more than 700 other volunteers, Jackson’s dedication to the event is unmatched, as she is the lone volunteer to have worked all 36 years of the Chubb Classic.


“It’s just fun,” expressed Jackson. “I saw it advertised in the paper years ago knowing nothing about golf. I said, ‘let’s do it’ and just continued year-after-year.


Jackson, 77, had no previous experience with golf. However, she was inspired by the players competing in the Chubb Classic. On her 50th birthday, she decided to try something new and bought herself a set of clubs. Jackson invested into the game and is now a weekend golfer.


“It’s a different world,” Jackson said. “I have a whole new appreciation for the game being here at the tournament”.


The professionals did not only just inspire, but they also taught her a thing or two whether they knew it or not.


“Now being a player, I have a whole new perspective on my jobs. I now understand the game of golf. I also know where to hit each club and some course management skills.”


If anyone is looking to get involved with volunteering at the Chubb Classic or any tournament in general, Jackson is the one to talk to. She is a true advocate for promoting the volunteering experience.


“You meet so many people who you’ll become lifelong friends with…make so many memories… and gain a really cool perspective with the behind-the-scenes operations” Jackson emphasized.


Jackson went on to share all the notable players she has gotten to meet and the experiences she’s endured while volunteering at the Chubb Classic. “I got to meet Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus,” said Jackson. “I think my absolute favorite though, was getting to marshal along Lee Trevino.”


Volunteering is the best way to get close to the players. While this can be intimidating for some, Jackson thinks just the opposite. “These players are super personable, just all around nice,” Jackson said.


The number of opportunities volunteering gives is endless. There are countless positions to be applied for. The committees cannot guarantee everyone their desired job but will give every effort to accommodate interests and needs.


“There is something for everyone, so many jobs to choose from,” said Jackson. “This year we have over 700 volunteers. That just shows how fun it is out here. Everyone wants to be a part of the process and better yet, the tournament staff treats us like their own. They do so much for us.”


Those who do volunteer get official tournament gear including shirts, jacket, hat, pin and badge. While there is an age requirement to work on your own, volunteering can still be a family affair.


“These people are my friends. I love them. I look forward to coming back so I can see them every year,” said Jackson.


Volunteering for the 2024 Chubb Classic can be found online at under the volunteer tab. The interest survey for next year’s event is now open. 

February 19, 2023
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