Mobile Device & Bag Policy


  • Please be respectful to the players and fans around you – Please silence your mobile device.
  • No video recording permitted at any time.
  • No photographs or video recording permitted during official competition rounds (any device with a lens is considered a camera whether it makes calls or not).
  • Violations may result in the confiscation of your mobile device or removal from the tournament.




  • No coolers permitted on Tournament grounds. State liquor laws prohibit Patrons from bringing their own alcoholic beverages. Beer is available at concession stands. Please be prepared to show proof of age. Patrons will not be allowed to leave the Tournament with open containers of alcoholic beverages. No outside food or beverages.
  • No containers, backpacks, large bags are permitted on the grounds.
  • No cameras or camcorders (other than Tuesday, for personal use only).
  • No noise producing electronic devices, TVs, radios.
  • No weapons (regardless of permit), including, but not limited to: firearms, knives, and any other item the Tournament deems unlawful or dangerous in its sole discretion.
  • No pets (other than service animals) are permitted on the grounds.
  • All bags are subject to search and unauthorized items will be confiscated.